Where: Grace Pediatrics (Directions)

When: Saturday September 19 or october 3, 2020

Time: 10 am - noon

Free Lunch included

Designed for kids aged 9-12

Come join us and learn how to prepare healthy delicious meals, play games and learn how food can help keep you healthy.

Family Cooking
Healthy Morning

This program is called Food for Life. Food for Life is a nutrition education and cooking class that

discusses how diet can affect your health and help prevent chronic diseases.

The objectives of this class are:

  • Learn the important role that diet plays in chronic disease

  • Identify the four food groups

  • Understand the roles of micro and macro nutrients on health

  • learn the importance of eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables

  • Learn about foods that are full of vitamins and minerals

Your child will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that asks about their nutrition knowledge before and after the class. We will be collecting data on your child's baseline knowledge of nutrition and how many servings of fruits and vegetables they eat daily. After the class, this knowledge will be reassessed. Our goal is to help teach children the many benefits of eating a healthy diet which can lead to overall good health. 

Your child's name will not be used in the collection of data from the questionnaires. If your child wishes to participate, they will be assigned a unique number and all data collected will only be associated with that number.

Your child's name can be entered into a drawing for a free one week food delivery system from purple carrot. Purple Carrot is a meal kit prescription service that delivers all ingredients needed to prepared meals for the week.

Criteria: must be aged 9-12 and have parental or legal guardian verbal and written permission to participate.

Consent forms are attached for you to read and will be further discussed prior to signing so you can ask any questions you may have. 

Please feel free to call 386-243-8474 to discuss any questions you may have.



Please feel out form below and click sumbit or click HERE to download a printable version.

If you are not the parent, we will need to see a copy of your signed and notarized custody papers prior to participation.